Academic Enrichment -

Academic Enrichment

Entering 1st through 5th Grade

Learning is FUN!

Sessions are 1 through 8 weeks.

Hours: 9:00 AM - 3:15 PM  (Extended Day is also available 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM)

Academic Enrichment offers experiential and Fun-Based learning, which include classroom, outdoor activities, and very special events each morning.

After lunch, campers spend the remainder of the day enjoying popular camp games and activities as well as a daily swim lesson.

Friday afternoons are reserved for special events, theme parties and activities.

Swim Lessons

Fun, effective, professional Swim Lessons are part of every Camper's experience at PBC.

Academic Enrichment 2020 Programs

Campers may enroll in both weeks of the same  academic theme. The Academic material will not repeat. Each week is unique.

Making Sense of our Senses

We use our senses all the time, and usually without even thinking about them. During this week, we will explore the powers and abilities that allow us to navigate through daily life. Each day we will focus on one of the 5 senses: Taste, Touch, Sight, Sound, and Smell. What happens to our other senses if we happen to lose one? Join us as we put our senses to the test in a week full of fun and sense-sational activities!

Week 1: June 15 -  June 19
Week 5: July 13 - July 17

Winged Insects

From Mosquitos to Bees; Grasshoppers to Dragonflies. We’re learning about insects that buzz through the skies! How important are bees to the ecosystem? What is the lifespan of a mosquito? How long does it take a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly? Come fly with us as we soar into the tiny, but mighty world of winged insects!

Week 2: June 22 - June 26
Week 6: July 20 - July 24

Wonders of Weather

What causes the wind, rain, lightning, snow, fog, and heatwaves? Why are the deserts so hot and the mountains so cold? What is a climate and how often can it change? How can you use thunder to tell how far away you are from lightning? What are the different types of Natural Disasters? Join us as we explore the mysterious and sometimes magical wonders of weather!

Week 3: June 29 - July 3 
Week 7: July 27 - July 31

Living Desert

Grab your hat, water bottle, and sunscreen as we trek across the living desert to explore the many resilient animals that call this unforgiving landscape home. From Coyotes & Roadrunners, to Elephants and Tortoises. What is the fastest desert animal? How often does it rain in the desert? Where can animals find water? How do they survive the extreme temperatures? Adventure awaits out on the wide-open spaces of the living desert!.

Week 4: July 6 - July 10 
Week 8: August 3 - August 7