Swim School - classes

Swim Class Levels

Determining your child's swim level:

Please contact our office for assistance in determining your child’s correct class level. We would like to discuss class placement for all new PBC swimmers so that we can ensure correct class placement.

For returning swimmers, please refer to your swim card or contact us and we will be happy to review your child's recommended class for the coming year.

Please note: Once a session has begun, class availability is extremely limited and it is not always possible to make adjustments.

BABY AND ME (BM): Ages 6 mos. - 35 mos.

This special class is an introduction to the pool that focuses on basic water adjustment. One chaperone (15 or older) must participate in the water with each child. A Swim Diaper is required.*

  • water adjustment, safety, and fun!
  • play simple games to enhance a toddler's comfort level in the pool.
  • blowing bubbles, getting face wet, floating with assistance

PRE-SCHOOL 1 (P1): Ages 3 and 4

Pre-school 1 is recommended for children with no water experience. A Swim Diaper is required for all children under age 4.

Focus - basic water adjustment

  • enter the pool alone
  • get body and head wet
  • blow bubbles, hold breath with face underwater
  • bob up and down & underwater
  • assisted prone and back floats
  • basic arm stroke and kicking

PRE-SCHOOL (P2): Ages 3 and 4

Beginning skills for 3 and 4 year olds who can perform ALL Pre-School 1 skills. A Swim Diaper is required for all children under age 4.

Focus - basic water skills and glides

  • hold breath with face under the water for 3 counts
  • open eyes underwater
  • stand up in the water without assistance
  • unassisted prone and back floats
  • unassisted jump from stairs to instructor
  • glide, kick and arms from stairs to instructor


Complete All Pre-School 2 skills, ready to coordinate strokes and develop endurance. A swim diaper is required for all children under age 4.

Focus - improve basic water skills

  • introduce basic rotary breathing
  • develop basic freestyle stroke
  • swim freestyle 15 feet unassisted
  • introduce basic backstroke

BEGINNER 1 (B1): Non-swimmers 5 years old and up.

Focus - water adjustment, basic glides

  • performing all Pre-School skills
  • glide off wall adding kick and arms to 15 feet
  • jump in water from side

BEGINNER 2 (B2): Ages 5+

For swimmers who can complete ALL Beginner 1 skills and are ready to learn rotary breathing

Focus - breath control, rotary breathing, water safety

  • swim freestyle using rotary breathing – 30 feet
  • float on back and recover for 15 seconds
  • glide and kick on back
  • swim and retrieve rings in four feet of water
  • jump into water and swim 20 feet
  • tread water 15 seconds


Swimmers who can complete Beginner 2 skills, ready to perfect rotary breathing, increase endurance, and introduce other strokes.

Focus - rotary breathing, introduction of new strokes

  • swim freestyle with rotary breathing 45 feet
  • glide and perform basic backstroke 15 feet
  • introduce breaststroke
  • jump into deep water and swim


Completed Advanced Beginner and ready to improve freestyle, backstroke, introduction to diving.

Focus - endurance, stroke work, breath control, diving

  • swim freestyle with rotary breathing 75 feet
  • swim backstroke 45 feet
  • swim breaststroke 45 feet
  • swim underwater 30 feet
  • basic kneeling dive
  • tread water 1 minute
  • introduction of dolphin kick


Completed Young Intermediate and ready to perfect all strokes. (up to 6 children per class).

Focus - developing all strokes, diving, touch turns

  • swim freestyle with rotary breathing 50 yards
  • swim backstroke 25 yards
  • swim breaststroke 25 yards
  • swim underwater 15 yards
  • introduce butterfly
  • standing front dive
  • tread water 3 minutes


Develop endurance and absolutely correct form in all strokes. Introduce basic lifesaving & water safety (up to 6 children per class).

Focus - correct form in all strokes, water safety

  • perform ALL skills prior to Advanced Swimmer
  • 100 yards freestyle
  • 50 yards backstroke
  • 50 yards breast stroke
  • 25 yards butterfly
  • perfect front dive
  • tread water 5 minutes
  • execute flip turns
  • recover weight from 8 feet
  • introduce basic life saving strokes and skills
  • may try 1 mile swim during session